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The Trinity College and University is an organization, registered in Dover, Delaware, USA and running its degree programme from Spain. There are no country residential requirements for the award of degrees from Trinity, yet any offical body requiring confirmation of the awards made would be supplied with confirmation of awards made. Under present legislation these awards are perfectly legal. It is becoming increasingly common for job specifications to state that a Degree is also a requirement, it is also a fact that having a degree enhances the holder's chance of attaining an interview. It is also common that people who have a working life, full of experience but have little or no formal qualifications. Many people have operated at a level of expertise far in excess of their paper qualifications but are unable to obtain an interview when seeking new positions because of the right qualifications do not appear in their CV's. The arrival of "selection by computer", where CV's are surveyed electronically and only those containing the acceptable "buzz words" are passed through to the final human selection are likely to be successful, the necessity of having the right qualifications is of increasing importance. Don't Get the Wrong Idea It should be said that no-one is trying to "degrade" the efforts of those who have succeeded in completing a degree course, especially in an Engineering subject or indeed any other subject for that matter; rather many employers and agencies often fail to adequately answer that question as to why a degree qualification is preferable to a lifetime of experience in many subjects - clearly however there are subjects where a formal degree qualification is a precursor to the practice of a particular profession, the Medical profession is probably the immediate example and we don't issue such degrees. If your chosen subject is not listed, please don't despair, we will consider awarding degrees in any subject, given your experience.